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  • This is the only episode of Season 19 not to feature its own topic or theme.
  • This is the second episode of the season to not feature an appearance by PC Principal, though he is mentioned several times.
  • This is the second time Mr. Garrison is seen without his glasses, the first time was in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride".
  • During Jimmy's explanation of the evolution of ads, one of the commercials shown is of Alabama Man.
  • The names of all the districts around the country and world are NODOFOPA, SOCACHEYWO, CHIMICHANGA, LOPO, SOBRO, RIVMO, NoWE3Pi and NoMoAuchie.
  • When Kyle accuses Stan of being a 'Cartman', Stan screams, "Fuck you Kyle!" in Cartman's voice.
  • Some of the ads Jimmy was talking about were parodied, and spelt wrong.
  • In the school newspaper room, the white board has the following text:
    • Lunch Line Conspiracies
    • Football Expose
    • Assemble Schedule
    • Homework - Too Much or Not Enough
    • Cellphones in Class
    • Class President Nominations
  • In the school newspaper room, an autographed picture of Larry King can been seen on top of the bookcase.
  • In the school newspaper room, a picture of the kids at Lake Tardicaca can been seen on a bookcase shelf.
  • Stan says PC Principal is from Vermont, although PC Principal himself revealed that he's from Texas A&M, in Stunning and Brave. This is likely Stan's error.
  • Randy mentions supermarket chain Safeway.

References to Popular Culture

  • The Newsman having Jimmy interview Leslie at their laboratory was inspired by the film Ex Machina.
  • The Boys try to research PC Principal's past on the internet but are blocked by pop-up advertising. The following are fake ads seen in the episode for real products and movies:
    • The pop-up ad for the self-tuning guitar is named Giddeon; while there is a real Gideon Guitar maker, the self-tuning one is made by Gibson Guitars.
    • The advert for the film Victor Frankenstein looks interesting to Stan, while Cartman says it will suck. The film released November 25, 2015 in the USA.
    • The Fun Time Ice Cream ad is a blanket reference to artisan ice cream shops that appeared rapidly over the United States. They are widely considered to sell overpriced ice cream with elaborate names.
    • Foot Vault is a parody of the real store Foot Locker.
    • A pop-up for a Chevy truck appears while Leslie is talking to Jimmy about escaping. This is a reference to a series of Chevrolet truck commercials that ran from 1991 to 2004, which featured the song "Like a Rock" by Bob Seger.


  • This is Kenny's first speaking role in season 19 since "The City Part of Town".
  • Butters still wears a neck brace after attempting suicide in "Safe Space."
  • Tweek and Craig seen sitting close together at lunch, showing they are still essentially a couple as of "Tweek x Craig".
  • In the school newspaper room, there are framed newspapers on the wall with headlines that reference past episodes:
    • "Smug Alert!!!" (with a map of the western United States)- "Smug Alert!"
    • "Local Inventor Hits Big!!" (with a picture of Herbert Garrison in front of IT)- "The Entity"
    • "What Is Scuzzlebutt??" (with a picture of Scuzzlebutt standing in a forest) - "Volcano"
    • "Comedy Award Results" - "Funnybot"
    • "Fight! Wendy Beats Cartman" (with a picture of Wendy fighting Cartman on the playground) - "Breast Cancer Show Ever"
    • "Vigilante Strikes Again!" (with two pictures of Mysterion standing on and then leaping off a rooftop) - "The Coon"
  • This is the second time Stan and Kyle have been in a fist fight with one another, the first being in "Prehistoric Ice Man".


  • In the school newspaper room, a bookshelf that has some pictures and a fan can be seen in various shots. When Leslie is walking up to Jimmy after punching him and knocking him into the bookcase, the fan and pictures disappear. However, when she shuts the door and walks back to Jimmy, the pictures and fan reappear.
  • To the left of the bookshelf is a framed newspaper featuring Mr. Garrison in front of IT. When Jimmy is knocked into the bookcase, the newspaper has moved to the top of the bookshelf. After Leslie walks back to Jimmy, the framed newspaper moved back to its original spot.

Bradley Biggle Sightings

In every episode of Season 19, Bradley Biggle can be spotted in the background, much like the Visitors were in previous Seasons.

  • Bradley can be seen on a "Have you seen me?" poster in the school cafeteria.
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