The Komfort Inn is a motel first seen in the Season Ten episode “Manbearpig," then twice in Season Twelve episodes “Britney's New Look” and “Eek, A Penis!”.


Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States of America who has since become a crazed hunter of the ManBearPig, has come to South Park to spread awareness of the creature. He was staying at the Komfort Inn where he types out his speech he will use to warn the town of the danger lurking in Park County.

Hearing on Fox News that Britney Spears is in South Park to escape the fans and tabloid news photographers, known as the paparazzi. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Cartman, pose as paparazzi dressing Butters as a squirrel to try and get a valuable picture of her. They find Britney hiding out at the Komfort Inn but when the boys get there, she attempts suicide by shooting most of her head off with a shotgun. She lives through this tragedy but is continued to be stalked by the press.

In "Eek, A Penis!", Janet Garrison is chasing a genetically altered mouse with a human penis growing on its back through the town. The mouse runs around the Komfort Inn scaring guests in various rooms, including the fitness room.


  • The Komfort Inn is a parody of real-life motel chain the Comfort Inn.[1]



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