弗拉基米尔·普京 is the current President of Russia, appeared in the episode “松木车大赛”, where he was seen as one of the world leaders.


In the episode “解救威兹雅克”, he receives a phone call from 凯尔·布罗夫洛夫斯基 asking if Russia can send his whale to the moon, which was declined because Putin asked for $20,000,000.

He later appears in “仅供回忆”, where he is seen speaking to an adviser about Concerned that his girlfriend will see all of his internet history, he declares that the service must be stopped. He receives a phone call from the White House expecting the President but instead speaks to several Memberberries reminiscing about the cold war.

He makes yet another appearance in “系列前传”, where 史蒂芬·斯多奇 grounds both him and Butters.


Putin dresses formally, wearing a black suit and a red tie with yellow dots. He has auburn-red hair and wrinkles on his forehead, due to age.


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