Peetie the Sexual Harassment Panda, also known as Tom Morris, first appeared in the Season Three episode, "Sexual Harassment Panda". He comes to the school to teach kids about sexual harassment, although many people point out that they have no idea what a panda has to do with sexual harassment. He is later fired after he indirectly convinces people to sue each other over petty things.


It is revealed that he takes his job a little too seriously. He is sent to the "Island of Misfit Mascots" and later returns as "Peetie the Don't Sue People Panda" after the boys go and convince him to return to help save the school from bankruptcy, arguing that he has a good message but his current role isn't helping anybody, his new message convincing everyone that their attempts to sue each other are causing too much damage.

Theme Song

The first time the Sexual Harassment Panda appears, he sings a song. He sings the song in full the first time we see him and only the first two lines following every appearance in the episode. The lyrics to this song are:


Peetie the Sexual Harassment Panda is a man named Tom Morris in a black and white panda bear costume.

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