The Pedophile Priests are a duo of priests featured in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


In A Touch of Faith mission, Father Maxi sends the New Kid into a room at the back end of South Park Church. The New Kid enters the room while it was dark, before being approached by the pedophile priests doing, questionable things. As the lights were turned on, the New Kid fights off and defeats the priests. Later, Father Maxi opens the room and was shocked by their presence, chasing them away and telling them they will go to Hell for their actions. Father McManus retorted, claiming this was not what the Queen Spider says, with Father Hansley calling out "ten Male Hairies".


The priests are dressed in a black priest gown and wears a cross necklace. Father Hansley sports a full brown hair, while Father McManus has a balding grey hair.


  • Hug Thy Father - Father Hansley attempts to embrace the New Kid. Creates a danger zone of 1 tile around the priest.
  • Mutual Flagellation - Father McManus pulls out a set of anal beads and attempts to whip the New Kid. Creates a danger zone on one entire row.