"We Can Live Together" is a song featured in the Season Nine episode, "Ginger Kids".


When Eric Cartman is tricked into believing he is a ginger kid, his anti-ginger sentiments turn to pro-ginger ideals. Cartman and his army of ginger kids hold an "Exterminate All Non-Gingers Conference" at the Airport Hilton hotel. When Kyle Broflovski secretly reveals that it was a prank and Eric is not a ginger, Cartman tries to persuade the audience with a song about how killing non-gingers is not a good idea.


Hand in hand we live together
Ginger or not, it's all the same.
Black or white, brown or red
We shouldn't kill each other cause that is lame.
Hand in hand we can live together
We shouldn't kill each other cause we're all the same.

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