"Our Love Grows" is a song sung by the Pharaoh of Egypt and Eric Cartman in the Season Sixteen episode, "Jewpacabra".


While in his dream about Ancient Egypt, Cartman goes to his "father", the Pharaoh of Egypt, asking when the frogs will stop raining. The Pharaoh has an optimistic outlook, saying that the weather will eventually clear. The Pharaoh then compares the Jews bondage to that of the United States Civil War, calling it a complicated political issue. Cartman tells the Pharaoh what Kyle Broflovski said about his God being vengeful and that if the Pharaoh does not let the Jews leave, he will kill every first born male child. The Pharaoh reassures Cartman that their God is just and would never hurt innocent children. They then sing this song together.


And Our Love Grows
And Our Love Grows
And Our Love Grows like the mighty river of the Nile
See it flows, we'll never be apart.

Have no fear for god is near and god loves all his children.

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