"I am Chewbacca" is a song by the band DVDA that was featured in the Season Three episode, "Starvin' Marvin in Space".


The song takes its title from the Star Wars character Chewbacca, and describes an office employee's fantasy's about being Chewbacca and fighting the "The Empire", as portrayed in the George Lucas films. This song was played during the end credits.


I sit in a yellow cubicle
And I type at an orange screen
And I'll get a raise next Tuesday
If I can keep my office clean

The women here ignore me
They call me "Scrawny Dan"
But that's because they don't know me
They don't know who I really am

I am Chewbacca
I am a wookie
I fight the empire
I fix the robots

Don't fucking cross me
I am Chewbacca
In need of no one
In want of nothing

I am Chewbacca
I have no home
My home is where
My spirit goes

Don't fucking taunt me
'Cause I'm Chewbacca
I'll rip your arms off
I'll kill your friends

I think about my home planet
When I'm in the conference room
I wear a coat and tie
But my heart is filled with gloom

'Cause that faggot on the Death Star
Would like to see me dead
Someday I'll tear off his black helmet
And take a dump on his fuckin' head

I am Chewbacca
I am a wookie
I fight the empire
On the Millenium Falcon

You want a piece of me?
You want a piece of Chewbacca?
I'm eight feet tall
I'll kick your ass

I am Chewbacca
I've got no home
My home is where
My spirit goes

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