"My Wishing Tree" was featured in the Season Eight episode "The Jeffersons."


Mr. Jefferson sings about the joys of climbing trees and using his imagination with his new friend Eric Cartman.


Have you been up my Wishing Tree? Tuh!
It's where I come to think and dream.
And now, I'd like to show you my Wishing Tree. Cha'mone!
Where we can laugh and giggle and scream. Hee hee!
Imagination is the key!
Won't you imagine along with me?
We can be spacemen, or pirates on the sea. Tuh, cha'mone!
Yes, we can do everything,
And I mean, everything! Tuh, cha'mone!
Up in my Wishing Tree! Hee hee! Ohhhhhhh!

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