Diana, Princess of Wales was an immensely popular member of the British Royal Family, married to Prince Charles and mother of Princes William and Harry. She was politically active and raised money to cure AIDS, leprosy, end homelessness and ban landmines. She made her first appearance in the Season Three episode, "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics".

背景 编辑

After her death in a car accident where her drunk driver was being chased by paparazzi , she made her first appearance as a resident of Hell in South Park in the episode, "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" joining in on Satan's song "Christmas Time in Hell". She was seen kissing Gene Siskel under a burning mistletoe.

She also appeared in "Hell on Earth 2006", in which she along with all her friends of Hell were invited to Satan's Sweet 16-like Birthday party on Earth. She along with everyone else were extremely excited, and since the party was costume only, she proceeded to dress up like Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. However, she along with everyone else began to grow annoyed with Satan when he began acting like a spoiled brat.

外观 编辑

In "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", Diana wore a pink dress, white shoes, and a silver necklace. Her face is a cut out of a picture of the real Princess Diana.

In "Hell on Earth 2006" Diana wore a silver dress with white sequins, a silver necklace with a blue jewel, and silver earrings with similar jewels in them. Her head was animated with lots of make up and it had blonde wavy hair as she did in real life.

冷知识 编辑

  • It is assumed that, like the other 'nice' people in hell (i.e. Mahatma Gandhi), she is simply there because she was not a Mormon; who, for a long time, were the only people who could get into Heaven.
  • Despite living in Hell, Diana seems to rather content apparently having close friendship with Satan.
  • When she first appeared Diana's character had a real world photo used for her head. However, like a majority of celebrities, she was later re-designed to be fully animated. Now the only celebrities with real world photo-heads are Saddam Hussein and Mel Gibson.
  • She was the most photographed woman of the 1990's and her funeral was either watched on television or listened to on radio or early streaming internet by an estimated 2 billion people or about 1/3 the entire human population where Elton John sang A Candle in the Wind.
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