Fingerbang was a boy band founded by Eric Cartman in the episode "Something You Can Do with Your Finger". The other band members were Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick. Additional members that joined later included Wendy Testaburger and later Randy Marsh, who replaced Kenny after he was killed by an elevator at the mall.


Cartman started the band as a way to make $10 million after dreaming about it. He also believed that the dream was a sign from God. Acting on Cartman's apparent divine guidance, the boys formed Fingerbang. Realizing that they required a fifth member to be a real boy band, they held auditions at Cartman's house. Ike and Butters auditioned for the fifth place, but both were rejected. Eventually, Wendy was accepted by popular vote regardless of her being a girl, after singing a wonderfully vulgar song, despite Cartman's protests.

The group then made a music video, complete with stupid outfits and screaming fangirls, but Cartman was dissatisfied due to Timmy's filming. Unbeknownst to the band, the video had actually been taped over Cartman's mom's porn. When they showed the video to the manager of the mall, he liked the porn and agreed to let them use the mall as their concert venue.

Unfortunately, before the band's first concert, Kenny was killed by an elevator. Randy Marsh had to take Kenny's place. After Fingerbang's first concert, they decided that the fame was too much to handle and they went on indefinite hiatus. "Fingerbang" is the only song they are known to have sung.


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