Todd is a budtender in Medicinal Fried Chicken. He appeared in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


In Medicinal Fried Fiasco mission, The New Kid and The Coon enters the pot store and is greeted by Todd. He later seeks Towelie to help the superheroes find the medication for Classi. Unfortunately for Towelie, he was enraged by the mixing of a jar of drugs, triggering a fight between the New Kid and Towelie. During the combat with Towelie, Todd shows up with one other opponent. The New Kid managed to defeat the Towelie by burning four piles of weed that were spilled on the combat area.


Miles has a full brown beard. He wears a white V-neck, blue pants with suspenders, brown shoes and a red beanie.


  • Kickball Kick - A single kick that also inflicts knockback.
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