Thomas Mother first appeared in the Season Eleven episode “Le Petit Tourette”, alongside Thomas himself.


At the Toy Safari toy store, Thomas' mother buys him a toy to take home and explains to the people at the store what disorder Thomas has and how he can't control himself. Later on in the episode, when Thomas and some other kids suffering from Tourette's Syndrome have a meeting, Thomas mentions that his mother was married, but his dad divorced her because he couldn't handle Thomas' Tourettes any more.

She also appears in the Season Twelve episode “Britney's New Look” with a single line among the group of people taking pictures of Britney Spears at the end of the episode, saying "Come on! Hurry up!" to one of her friends.


Thomas' mother has short, somewhat messy blonde hair and blonde eyebrows. She wears a pink hooded sweater over a pink shirt with a red border, navy green pants, and black shoes. She also carries with her a brownish colored purse.