Professor Lamont was a guest instructor at South Park Elementary who specializes in memes and the safety behind using memes. He first appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, “Faith Hilling”, where he was seen educating the boys, and their class, about which memes to use and the dangers of using unapproved memes.


After the boys “Faith Hill” the Colorado Republican Debate, Professor Lamont is called in by the school to educate the entire 4th Grade class regarding the dangers of memes, how they are dangerous, and which memes are safe.

Professor Lamont equated doing memes, such as "Faith Hilling", to playing Russian Roulette. Lamont demonstrated this by forcing Butters to hold a loaded .38 revolver in his mouth. Butters held this position for the remainder of the day, as he was seen in the class well in to the evening.

During his lecture, he was interrupted by two individuals, who informed him about cats doing a meme themselves, which involved posting pictures of themselves on the internet with bread around their head. Mr. Kitty was guilty of doing such meme.

Professor Lamont also makes a brief cameo appearance in “Where My Country Gone?”, where he can been seen sitting behind Mr. Garrison in Mr. Stkrdknmibalz's language class.


Professor Lamont has brown hair, which is graying, and thick brown eyebrows. He appears physically fit, and wears black shoes, olive colored pants, a white shirt with a navy blue tie, and a blue sweater.

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