"Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)" is a song featured in the Season Eighteen episode, "The Cissy". It is a parody song of the popular vocalist known as Lorde, sung by Randy Marsh as Lorde. In reality, the song was performed by Sia.


This is Randy's song about using a private restroom at work. The echo of the room inspires his lyrics for his Lorde persona. Randy shares his secret identity with his son Stan and the episode ends with a video montage with this song playing in the background.


Feelin' good on a Wednesday
The image of me that you see is distorted, twisted, broken, fractured,
Isolated – miles out to sea.
I don't want a separate place, I need to feel safe
Not thrown away, away, away, away

And I will push (Push!)
To tear down the walls (Push! Push!)
Of this box you put me in (Push! Push!)
Because you don't understand (Push, ow, hot! Push, ow, ow, hot!)
And now you push
To find a label that fits me.
I'm feeling good on a Wednesday,
With my sparklin' thoughts.

Help me unload the car.
Ya! Ya! Ya!

And so I push
To close the door
Of the stall you've made for me,
To keep me away!
And now we push (Push!)
To stand together
Because I am Lorde!
Ya! Ya! Ya!
Ya! Ya! Ya!
I am Lorde!
I am Lorde!
Ya! Ya! Ya!

Ya! Ya! Ya!
I am Lorde!
Ya! Ya! Ya!
Ya! Ya! Ya!
I am Lorde!
Ya! Ya! Ya!

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