Well it's a rockin' world, make no mistake about it
It's a shockin' world, could be what's so great about it
It's a rockin' world, there ain't nothin' fake about it

Whoa, whoa, now welcome to this Earth, bro
Whoa, whoa, we're tryin' to find an answer
Whoa, whoa, we got a surface module and a belly-dancer

On the sidewalk earth, a boy is tryin' to show a girl what he is worth
Both arms in plaster, but he's still gonna
Go right up and ask her

Why is it barbaric, is it biological?
Why is it frenetic, is it asophysiological?
It's an epidemic, there's nothing logically logical, logical, logical

Now, why do babies cry?
I asked a crow today but all he did was fly and he took the cynic way
The laws of chaos, left us all in disarray

Now take the bumblebee, a lousy rotten bum
Not a shred of money just a lazy buzzin' hum
He takes all our honey and now the Garden of Eden has got to pay, that's who.

Well we go, back to base
Can't make no head or tale of this place
But home we're returnin' back to base, base

Can we be notified when love comes of age
Does the cell divide in the initial phase
It's all codified in the DNA stage


民以食为天 柴米油盐酱醋茶
吃饭皇帝大 嘿咻也要靠边站

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