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Dmobile store outside8

The D-Mobile store is oblong shaped and is painted light green. The dark green door is in the center of the building between two windows. Above the door in a black rectangle is the number of the building which is 2278 and a black sign with the D-Mobile logo is on the top of the building. In the bigger window there is a white sign with writing: "yes, we're open" or "yes, we're closed" which depends on if the player comes at night or day. The number of the building is 2278.


The interior is a big room with a parquet floor in shades of brown. The walls are white with black stripes. The bottom parts of the wall have purple LED lighting and the upper parts have blue and purple LED lighting. On the walls, there are seen numerous ads for D-Mobile and their phone plans. There are three wall-mounted desks with many displayed phones and the middle one has a dark blue wall limited by pilasters with the same color. On the pilasters are hanged many products like headphones. The door is light grey with a big window in the middle of it and above it is a black sign with "EXIT" written in green. Near the door, there is a RFID security gate with black carpet between it. There are three stands with some products on them, two of them are near the entrance facing the door and the last is next to the TV on the wall and employee Jeff. Three stools with displayed phones are located through the store. The first one is near the entrance in front of the stand and the other two are on the right and left side down from the center of the room. Opposite the door, there is a white counter with light purple LED lighting. On it there are two monitors, most likely a credit card reader and some paper. In front of it is black carpet and above it is the D-Mobile logo and camera. The ceiling is light blue and divided into rectangles with lights on them in every second row and rectangle. There are also cameras in the corners.

Dmobile store 10

There is also one more room for employees behind the counter but the player never gets the chance to enter or visit the room. It is only used during combat with crab people when the crab manager comes out of it.

Employees are wearing blue shirts with a small D-Mobile logo on their chest. They also wear beige pants with black belts and formal black shoes.

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