Skeeter's Friends are recurring characters in South Park. They made their first appearance in "Sexual Harassment Panda" and they were seen with Skeeter in several episodes since then.

After the episode "Follow That Egg!", they were never seen again with Skeeter and made only cameo appearances. One of them was seen speaking later in the Season Thirteen episode "W.T.F.".


In "Sexual Harassment Panda", they along with Skeeter "kick" Petey and The Boys out of the bar saying they don't tolerate them, the Bartender tries to calm them down throughout the episode but is always answered negatively by Skeeter. They later appear with Skeeter at the end of the episode in court.

They make a small appearance alongside Skeeter at the bar in "Cripple Fight", they have no line in this episode.

In "Free Hat" they are seen in the crowd with Skeeter. The cowboy-hat man gives the idea of singing an island song to the governor in the hope that he will release Hat McCullough.

In "I'm a Little Bit Country" they are part of the people who support the war along with Skeeter, the cowboy hat man was seen sticking a flagpole into one of the protesters when the people who support the war fight the people who are against the war. The two appear singing with the crowd at the end of the episode.

One of them later appeared in "W.T.F." where he watches the boys' wrestling federation, he has three lines throughout the episode. This for now is their last prominent appearance.



Although they are often seen with Skeeter during the first few seasons, their relationship is completely unknown.


The first one wears an orange long-sleeved shirt with blue buttons and pockets under a blue jumpsuit, a brown cowboy hat with a white sash and black shoes, he also has dirty blond hair on the sides, a shaggy and thick eyebrows, his appearance was later redrawn in the episode "WTF", where now his shirt is darker and more detailed, his overalls also got darker and now have white details with a front pocket and yellow buttons, he also had a chin double and two wrinkles on his forehead, his hat was also redesigned. The second wears a short-sleeved green shirt under a blue jumpsuit with a big pocket in the middle and black shoes, he has a pig nose and five strands of black hair on his head and is overweight, he also has black eyebrows similar to that of the Boys.


Not much is known about their personality. The first one proved to have a rather unpleasant personality similar to Skeeter's, like not tolerating some kind of people at the bar and uses phrases similar to Skeeter's like "We don't take kindly to your types in here". The other's personality is unknown.