斯基特酒吧,原先叫斯基特的酒吧与鸡尾酒(Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails),是由斯基特经营的一家酒吧,首次于“撒旦之子达米安”出现。


It seems to be the favorite hangout place as most of the men in town can be seen there throughout the day. Some of the regulars include Randy, Gerald, Jimbo, Ned, Skeeter, Stuart, and various groups of rednecks throughout town. The Bar varies in attendance as sometimes it can be pretty packed while in other times it is almost empty. The bar never used to have a name until season 11 when it was changed to "Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails", implying that Skeeter most likely owns it now.

The inside of the bar has changed in appearance over time. It used to be very plain with just the bar and a few round tables scattered around. It now has comfortable booths to sit at as well as a juke box.


The Bartender can be seen as one of the "rednecks" at the meeting in “Goobacks”.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Side Quest

Skeeter gives the New Kid a quest to fight all the rats in the cellar.




  • Flowerpotamus - Found on a shelf at the back of the bar.


  • Bar Darts - Complete "Rats in the Cellar".

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Side Quest

Liane asks the New Kid to give out business cards to promote her business. The New Kid gives them out here to 2 unnamed men and Roger Donovan.


Coonstagram Followers

  • Simon - Located on the roof of the bar (Fartkour required)
  • Steve Black - Can be found here on Day 4 after The Thin White Line is completed.
  • Linda Black - Can be found here on Day 4 after The Thin White Line is completed.
  • Roger Donavon - Can be selfied after the New Kid gives him a business card.
  • Skeeter - Can be selfied behind the bar.


  • Aged Cheese - Can be found on the roof. Needed to craft a Cheesy Shrimparito for Medicinal Fried Fiasco.
  • Memberberry Farms Juicer Crank - Found in a dumpster next to the bar. Operates the juicer at Memberberry Farms.


Can be found behind the door at the back of the bar.

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