Stella Reid appeared in the episode, “Tsst”, as one of the nannies on the television program Nanny 911, along with Yvonne Finnerty and Deborah Carroll. Reid is selected to go to the Cartman's house to help Liane take care of Eric. She fails in her task.


In “Tsst”, she was selected to discipline Eric Cartman. She first tells Cartman to stop playing the Xbox. Not complying to her request, she promptly takes Cartman's Xbox and the controller from him and places it in the kitchen counter. As Cartman attempts to take the Xbox, Stella drags him away and made him sit on a stool. While speaking him, Cartman spits on her mouth and retrieves his Xbox. At the living room, as Cartman plugs in his Xbox, Stella tries to talk him out about his feelings. Cartman then suddenly turns the conversation around by asking her why she didn't have children on her own and that her life was worthless. Angered by this statement, she furiously leaves the room.


Nanny Stella is visibly overweight, which is made obvious by her face. She has short blonde hair and wears a pink shirt under a black vest.

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