Nueva Familia is a Mexican restaurant in South Park. It was first seen in the Season Nineteen episode, “You're Not Yelping” as one of the many new restaurants and shops gained through the town getting a Whole Foods Market.


In “You're Not Yelping”, Eric Cartman eats here as a Yelper, in a scheme to get free food. The restaurant is run by the new family in town, the Teelez family. Their son David Rodriguez, who works as a bus boy, has his first run-in with Cartman here. The restaurant is almost closed when the Yelpers revolt against restaurants that don't give them special treatment, but is able to stay open after David and Kyle Broflovski solve the issue.



  • The name "Nueva Familia" is Spanish for "New Family", a reference to the fact that David and his parents are the new Family in South Park.
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