无用的牺牲”是一首由Death Decline乐队创作的歌曲,在第二十三季中国劲乐团”中出现。




Fate is over,
open your eyes.
There is no hope,
no second chance.
All the elders saw,
the fall of the sky.

Pride and glory,
to touch the sky we've burned the earth.
Built our own infirmity.
Chained our heart crucified our mind.
I walk,
in this burning desert without reason.
There's nothing left,
unless their lies.

Beyond the dust,
of the fallen kings' empires,
buried with their lust.
Useless Sacrifice.
Flowing from the church the sheep are lost and run away,
betrayed by their trust.
Useless Sacrifice.

I saw your wars,
your conquests and your defeats,
a civilization, who forgot to live.
I saw your child,
greedy to replace you.
The planet turns, but all men fall.

Until the end I will wait my turn,
waiting for someone who lets it burn.
All the masks fall there is no place for lies.
We burn earth in useless sacrifice.

drop your shield and watch the sky,
your agony,
your last goodbye.
Forget your anger,
watch the earth,
your remains belong to the ground.

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