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  • 本集的标题参考了无麸质饮食和2013-2016年西非伊波拉病毒疫症。
  • Although mentioned, Butters does not appear in this episode. This is due to him being suspended for burning down the school gymnasium, and not showing up at the party due to his parents grounding him.
  • The title and plot references the current anti-gluten diet fad combined with the Ebola epidemic in West-African countries.
  • As an added gag, certain names in the credits have "GF" next to their name, indicating that they too are "gluten-free".
  • Stan breaks the fourth wall, as he mentions that people now remember things from previous episodes.
  • Inside the Papa John's, real life images of its founder, John Schnatter can be seen near the window and by the register.

References to Popular Culture

  • Cartman's dream references Stephen King's book The Stand. Aunt Jemima plays the role of Mother Abagail.
  • Stan asks Wendy if she still wants to go see "that stupid Maze Runner movie," a reference to The Maze Runner, which was released in theaters 12 days before this episode aired.
  • New Zealand pop singer Lorde is mentioned several times and satirized since Randy performs as her at the boys' party.
  • Pop song "Get the Party Started" by Pink is played before the boys' interview on WSPIC 88.3 FM.
  • The death scene of the scientist is a reference to the movie Prometheus, at the beginning of which an alien dissolves in a similar manner after ingesting a similarly black goo from a similarly small recipient.


  • 本集延续了剧集"众筹公司"的故事情节。
  • This episode is a continuation of "Go Fund Yourself" since the boys confront the school students who are pissed off as they left to create a start-up company and told them to "go fuck themselves".
  • This is the second time Stan and Wendy have broken up, the first instance seen in "Raisins", as well as the second time they have gotten back together after breaking up, the first being in "The List".
  • Kenny appears to have finally been able to afford the school's gym uniform as he is wearing a proper gym shirt in class.
  • A box of Cheesy Poofs can be seen in the Marsh's cupboard as they remove items with gluten. It was last seen in Season Fifteen's "A History Channel Thanksgiving".
  • A poster for Tween Wave band, Gersploosh, can be inside WSPIC. It was last seen in Season Fifteen's "You're Getting Old"
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