Blizzard Entertainment is an American video game developer and publisher who appeared in the Season Ten episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft".


Stan calls Blizzard's support line in order to report a player who constantly kills people's characters in World of Warcraft, without having to agree to a duel first. The staff member says that the problem will be fixed and they will ban the player from the network. During the call, the staff member informs a co-worker that more people are complaining over their characters getting killed, and that this issue should be brought to the guys upstairs.

In the main office, Ben tells the staff members that the player in cause has reached a level they thought it's unreachable, having the ability to kill admins. He also states that whoever this player is, he has played World of Warcraft "nearly every hour of every day for the past year and a half."

Three weeks later, the staff at Blizzard find out that four boys from Colorado have reached level 50 in a short amount of time, but they still have low chances in defeating the player who doesn't play by the rules. The staff members decide to help the boys by giving them the Sword of a Thousand Truths, which can help them defeat the "griefer". The Blizzard staff members manage to get the sword to the boys via Randy, who enters in the game and hands the sword over to Stan. The boys defeat the griefer and everyone celebrates their victory, including the staff members who state that their "world is saved."

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