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  • One of the channels Sharon flips through is showing a Cheesy Poofs commercial.
  • Cartman had previously exacted revenge on the parents of Craig, Clyde, and Kyle.
  • Cartman's more extreme revenge package, "We'll lure your parents out of the house, and then we'll kill them. Uh, we'll cut them up into little pieces and feed them to the dog", is very similar to his final revenge on Scott Tenorman in “Scott Tenorman Must Die”.
  • After Butters' parents find out what he did, instead of grounding him, they apologize for lying to him, which is surprising given that they have grounded him for doing almost nothing in the past.

References to Popular Culture

  • At one point, Stan briefly watches The Osbournes before his mother changes the channel on him, telling him that the show will make him "retarded". To poke fun at the frequent cursing in The Osbournes, random pieces of dialogue were censored, even if the family wasn't actually swearing at the time.
  • The song “My Future Self n' Me” is a parody of the theme song of the 1980s situation comedy Silver Spoons.
  • During Cartman's initial presentation to Butters and Stan with their parental revenge plans, Stan's Plan number can be seen as TK-421 - a reference to the stormtrooper who's identity Luke assumed in Star Wars: A New Hope.


  • Kevin Stoley's parents are called the Brooks by the Motivation people. Also, they do not have the narrow eyes that most Asians in South Park have - in “Conjoined Fetus Lady” it is mentioned that Kevin's parents are Chinese.
  • The promotional image of Stan's 'future self' did not use the finalized model that was seen in the episode. In the episode, Stan's future-self is considerably more over-weight, with long messy brown hair, and heavily lidded eyes.
  • Theoretically, if Cartman became a mechanic, he would never have actually had the chance to go back in time and tell himself about his future as a time travel CEO, because he didn't invent it. This is a form of 'grandfather paradox,' in which it is impossible for one to change the past because it would alter one's present.
  • When Cartman first shows Butters the swatches, there are only four, but in the next scene which is zoomed out, there are more.
  • When the poop-swatches are shown up close with Cartman flipping through them, Cartman has red sleeves as if he were wearing his coat, but in fact he is wearing a suit.
  • When Stan cut his fake hand, the hand was on the table. In the next scene it disappeared.
  • When Stan cuts off his hand, Sharon's scream sounds like a man.


  • 兰迪砍掉未来斯坦的手的情节在重播时被砍掉了。

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • Under Butters' window when they're painting the house with feces.
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