Ben Affleck is an actor best known for his roles in Good Will Hunting, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. He first appeared in the 第五季 episode, "屁脸症."


In "屁脸症," when South Park Dairy post a picture of Kenny's butt on their cartons to help find a missing child, the Thompson family rush to the town believing that its their missing son, who like them suffers from torsonic polarity syndrome" or "TPS". When its revealed to be a prank, the Thompsons and South Park Dairy search the world until their discover the Thompson's estranged son to be Ben Affleck. Mr. Garrison notes the similarities between the butt-faced parents and their actor son. In this episode, his face is shown to a photo-cut out of the real Ben Affleck.

Affleck appears again in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head," now voiced by Matt Stone and with a normally animated cartoon appearance. When a new singer going by the name the "Jennifer Lopez" replaces his then-girlfriend, the real Jennifer Lopez, the couple fly to South Park, where Affleck foolishly fell deeply in love with "Ms. Lopez," who in truth was a crude imitation of Jennifer Lopez painted onto Eric Cartman's hand in the vein of Senor Wences. Affleck and the hand proceed to share a whirlwind sexual romance (involving Cartman jerking off Affleck on multiple occasions, often without Cartman realizing it). However, when the real Lopez attempts to murder Cartman and the hand-Lopez, its revealed that the new Jenny is a male con-artist named Mitch Conner, intent on pulling a job against everyone. Oblivious to what has transpired, Affleck is left heartbroken after Mitch "dies".

In the episode "Wing," he can be seen listening to Wing Han Tsang at Sylvester Stallone's son's wedding.

Affleck and his ex-love Mitch Conner / Jennifer Lopez appear again in "200," as part of a group of celebrities intent on suing South Park, and also in stealing the anti-ridicule goo of the Muslim Prophet, Muhammad.


Affleck wears a dark gray, short-sleeve, shirt, brown belt, blue pants, and yellow sunglasses.


Affleck is unintelligent, even mistaking Eric Cartman's hand puppet Mitch Conner for a real, living being.


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