Jeffrey Maynard is a drama actor who appears in Season Four episode “Helen Keller! The Musical”.


Cartman describes Jeffrey Maynard as "South Park's biggest expert on musical theater" because he played the lead in Les Misérables at the Denver Community Playhouse for five weeks. He works as the boys' supervisor and introduces Lamond the animal trainer to them. However Lamond tricks Timmy to let go Gobbles, Timmy leaves the show to look for Gobbles. As a result Maynard fills in for Timmy and acts out Helen Keller, although he acts in his own way which makes Cartman unsatisfied.


He wears a dark blue sweater and light blue pants. He has spiky brown hair and bushy full beard. He always speaks in a tune.



  • Jeffrey Maynard resembles Colm Wilkinson in both voice and appearance. Colm Wilkinson originated the role of Jean Valjean in Les Misérables on the West End and Broadway. Most of Maynard's dialogue is sung to the tune of various songs from Les Misérables.
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