Geraldo Rivera was a former talk show host and later news journalist for Fox News. He made his first appearance in “Weight Gain 4000” and later appeared in “A Million Little Fibers”.


During his first appearance in “Weight Gain 4000," Geraldo hosts a talk show Geraldo, Eric Cartman becomes a guest on his talk show focusing on obesity, after he ate an excessive amount of weight gain powder, resulting in him becoming so fat, that he is unable to leave his home. Geraldo talks to Larry King live from Afghanistan as a war news correspondent on Larry King Live. He exposes Stephen McTowelie, author of the book A Million Little Fibers, as not being a person, but simply the towel.


Geraldo always has a mustache and is wearing a blue shirt and tie.


  • Early in his career as a journalist, Geraldo Rivera went by the name Jerry Rivers.
  • Geraldo's talk show was very controversial and exploitative during the 1980's and 1990's.
  • Geraldo is a real war reporter and has been in very dangerous situations.
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