Gloria Allred is an attorney and human rights activist from the episode, “Cripple Fight


Gloria speaks out on her talk show, accusing the Mountain Scouts of being homophobic. She takes the case to the Colorado Supreme Court, in support of Big Gay Al, who was sacked from his job as a scout master for being homosexual. Big Gay Al wins the case but refuses to accept his job back. He believes that if he is allowed to express his homosexual nature, then the mountain scouts should be allowed to express their views on homosexuality. This angers Gloria and she accuses Big Gay Al of being a homophobe.


Gloria wears a yellow suit and has wavy brown hair. She has an exaggerated amount of make up and has noticeable signs of aging.


She is fiercely devoted to promoting equal rights, even going to outrageously claim Big Gay Al to be homophobic, despite being gay himself, showing she is ironically intolerant of those with different views to herself. She also seems quite arrogant and brash, voraciously professing all the credit for having defeated the scouts in the courts.


All quotes from “Cripple Fight”.

  • Gloria: "It is a disgrace that these homophobes are allowed to discriminate.", "I am taking this case on, personally!" - On TV.
  • Gloria: "Today is a great day for democracy. The Scouts have been exposed for the vile gay bashers they are. And we owe it all to me, and these six brave little boys (Kenny gets taken and eaten by a huge bird that appeared before)... five brave little boys. And now, here to take his official oath back in Scouts is Big Gay Al."
  • Gloria: "You can't do this! You homophobe!" - To Big Gay Al.


  • Gloria Allred really did take the Boy Scouts of America to court over the same issues put forth in this episode. Although the plaintiff was a girl who wanted to join the Boy Scouts.
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