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  • Phil Collins is depicted as perpetually clutching an Oscar. This was in retaliation for Collins's victory in the Oscar category for Best Song three weeks prior to this episode's airing. Collins' song "You'll Be in My Heart" beat the nominated "Blame Canada" from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Trey Parker, who helped compose the song as well as wrote and directed the episode remarked in the commentary, "we know it's immature, and I was so ready to lose the Academy Award, but not to Phil Collins."
  • This is the last episode to feature Mr. Garrison teaching the third grade.
  • Seen on the "Our Pets" board is the alien from the pilot episode named Carl.
  • During the ADD test, the reactions included Bebe, Cartman, and Kyle falling asleep, Tweek getting as close to sleep as his caffeine addiction would let him, Kenny bashing his head against a cabinet, and everyone else (Wendy, Stan, Kevin, Token, and Clyde Donovan) looking suicidal.
  • The song that Timmy and The Lords Of The Underworld perform has since appeared on the video game Rock Band.
  • This was not the first episode to introduce the character Timmy, as he had a minor role in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". Reports state that after Timmy's initial appearance, some viewers called the character offensive and requested he not be shown again.
  • Timmy says "and the Lords of the Underworld". This is one of the only times Timmy has said something other than his name which was not an equally simple word, such as "Gobbles" or "Jimmy". Similarly, he was also able to cry "Please help me!" in "Fourth Grade".
  • During the Phil Collins concert, the pharmacist is seen holding the bottle of what was called "Rital-Out". The bottle is actually labeled "MDMA", which is the abbreviation for the chemical, 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine - in other words, ecstasy.
  • During the Charlie Rose segment, a blond version of Clyde can be seen next to the girl who flashes Timmy's band.

References to Popular Culture编辑

  • The band "Sisters of Mercy Hold No Pain Against the Dark Lord" is an overt parody on the band Sisters of Mercy; the name and sound of the band are rather reminiscent of the real band.
  • The Timmy song contains a guitar riff similar to one in the Rush song "The Spirit of Radio".
  • When Timmy joins the band and they open their garage for him, he is surrounded by dazzling white light, very similar to the mentally handicapped character Kazan at the end of Cube.
  • The Lalapalalapaza festival's name derives from the Lollapalooza festival.
  • As a 'running gag' everybody spells and pronounces "Lalapalalapaza" wrong and in a different way, pronouncing it as "Lalapablebleblah"
  • The song that Phil Collins sings at the opening to the Lalapalalapaza festival is a parody of his 1985 single "Sussudio."
  • Collins talks and acts in a manner similar to the Gumbies from Monty Python.
  • The controversy surrounding Timmy as a handicapped kid fronting a rock band may refer to the popularity of Wesley Willis.
  • The doctor tests the children for ADD by reading aloud The Great Gatsby and A Farewell to Arms. This was also a common routine of late comedy actor Andy Kaufman during his college tours.
  • Mr. Derp from "The Succubus" is seen at the lemonade stand at "Lalapalalapaza".
  • Phil Collins states that he doesn't think it's right to make fun of handicapped people, to which a man in the background responds to by pointing to him and laughing without Phil noticing. This is referencing how Collins has gone deaf in his one ear, which explains why he speaks so loudly and interrupts some people.


  • When the Ritalout is being passed out, in close-up scenes, Terrance Mephesto is seen behind Kyle, however, when the scene pans out, he is not there.
  • It should be noted that the episode inaccurately portrays one of the effects of Ritalin on people who don't have ADD. Contrary to popular belief, Ritalin does not act as a stimulant in the doses that would be prescribed, or greater, in people without ADD. The side effect of "zombie syndrome" only happens when the dose is too high. Everyone who takes the drug is shown to be swallowing far more than would be prescribed, however, so this could explain their behavior under its influence. It is true, according to the New Scientist (New Scientist, March 31, 2006), that 5% of Ritalin users suffer from minor hallucinations similar to those experienced by Eric Cartman.
  • While the four are watching the TV before Cartman kills Kenny, Kenny is wearing his gloves. However, while the four are discussing how Phil Collins was right and then when Cartman hits him over the head with the frying pan, his gloves have disappeared.
  • During the course of the episode, Phil Collins is announced to be heading the festival with Skyler opening. However, after Collins is booed off the stage, Skyler's former band-mate asks him "Isn't Reach for the Skyler" supposed to be on soon?". We can assume however Phil Collins had The Lords of the Underworld replaced with Skyler so he wouldn't be upstaged by Timmy.
  • The news announcer who announces Timmy And The Lords Of The Underworld's breakup is clearly female, but she speaks with a man's voice. This may be done on purpose, possibly a satire of a real life new announcer who despite being a female has a masculine voice.

Kenny's Death编辑

Kenny McCormick dies when Cartman hits him with a frying pan while hallucinating that a little pink Christina Aguilera monster is crawling on Kenny's face. Stan and Kyle's calm reaction is:

  • Stan: "Oh my goodness; you've killed Kenny."
  • Kyle: "Bastard."
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