Bill Gates is the founder and chairman of Microsoft.


Bill Gates first appeared in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, in which he was shot by General Plymkin, who didn't care for Windows 98. He later appears in “The Entity” as one of the select rich and famous people Mr. Garrison invites to view the unveiling of “IT”. He has band aids over the place where he was previously shot by Plymkin.

He appears in “A Song of Ass and Fire” to kill the CEO of Microsoft and take his position as leader of the Xbox One supporters.

In “Titties and Dragons”, he kills the Sony President, thus winning the "console war" for the Xbox One, much to the apathy of the children.

Bill Gates appears to own a rather strong private armed force, as we can see him getting off a battleship in “The Entity”, and Microsoft cruisers blockading the shipment of PS4s in “Titties and Dragons”.


Bill Gates has short, brown hair and few facial wrinkles. In the movie, he wore a light blue, long sleeve shirt and blue pants. He is also shown to have numerous tattoos on his body. In Season 5, he wore a dark pink sweater over a lavender shirt with the same blue pants. In Season 17, He wears a light blue dress shirt, a black sweater-vest with a purple and green diamond pattern, khaki pants, and brown shoes.


In “The Entity”, he seems to be intelligent, choosing to invest in “IT”, potentially knowing it will be a big success.

In “A Song of Ass and Fire”, he is shown to be a ruthless businessman, willing to do anything to crush his competition.


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