比尔·科斯比 also known as 机器人 is a cyborg from the future, specifically the year 2034. He appeared in the 第四季 episode, “未来战士”.


After Cartman shows off his new Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000, 四人组 go on the bus only to find Bill Cosby along with them posing as a new 4th grade student. He claims to have been held back 10 years. He soon learns about Cartman's new device, and tries numerous times to get his hands on it.

After finally grabbing it from Cartman and being pricked by the large protruding, metal spikes, Cosby manages to escape and run into town. Cartman, the others, and 巴布雷迪警官 chase him, and run him down with the police car. The all discover that he is an android, and was sent from the future to destroy Cartman's trapper keeper.

He succeeds in destroying the trapper keeper, however, 丽安·卡特曼 bought Eric a new one. They all take a different approach, and confront Liane, who vows not to buy Cartman another. Liane and Cosby make love while Cartman's trapper keeper begins to absorb more and more technology, and eventually Cartman himself.

The trapper keeper begins to move to Cheyenne Mountain, in Wyoming, with 凯尔·布罗夫洛夫斯基, 斯坦·马什, 肯尼·麦考密克, and Cosby close in pursuit. They realize that Cartman still lives within the monster, and Kyle goes in to disconnect him from the CPU. Kyle succeeds, the trapper keeper monster is destroyed, and Cosby fades from existence.


Bill Cosby is a cybernetic being that wears black shoes, blue jeans, a white shirt, and a brown overshirt. He also wear a dark gray trench coat. He had messy, brown hair and spots of chest hair.



  • 未来战士” - Seen trying to prevent the destruction of the future.
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