Beaverton is a town near South Park seen in the Season Nine episode, "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow".


Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman are at the Beaverton Lake, sitting in a speed boat that does not belong to either of them. Cartman claims it belongs to his uncle and Stan dares him to drive it. The boat goes out of control and the boys crash into a large beaver dam, causing the speed boat to explode, which then flooded the town of Beaverton. As the boys choose not to take the punishment for the accident, the adults blame the flood on global warming, terrorists and United States President George W. Bush. At the end, Stan admits to causing the flood by breaking the dam in front of a large crowd. However, as the adults are unaware that he is serious, they all join in taking the blame, saying that they "broke the dam".


It has a population of 8,000. It was guarded by the largest beaver dam to protect from flooding; it was later pointed out that it was pretty foolish to have nothing but a beaver damn keeping the town from getting flooded. It's sign claims that Beaverton is, "Home of the World's Largest Beaver Dam!".

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