Tommy Edwards is a student at South Park Elementary who made his first appearance in the Season Fifteen episode, "Bass to Mouth".


When the boys and other students from Mr. Garrison's class discover and confront Wikileaks as the editor of Eavesdropper, Wikileaks managed to escape. Tommy was in the library typing a text message to a girl named Marla Watkins, a crush of his, when Wikileaks stole his phone posted his findings on Eavesdropper. Butters tried to catch and stop Wikileaks, but was too late to prevent the story appearing on Eavesdropper.


Tommy has messy orange hair. He wears a red long sleeve shirt with orange trimming and he uses a black iPhone 4. His school supplies include a purple binder, a tan Broncos backpack, and a brown envelope.


From what is shown in the episode, it can be assumed that Tommy is a little shy and reserved, given that he decided to communicate his affections for his crush through text messaging.

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