Club Persh is a Persian nightclub and bar that made its only appearance in the Season Eleven episode "D-Yikes!".


After the lesbian bar Les Bos is sold to Persians, Janet Garrison goes to the mayor to complain about it. One of the managers of Club Persh visits Les Bos to talk to the lesbians, but ends up getting kicked in the balls by Ms. Garrison. The lesbians then hire a group of Mexicans to pose as Persians so they can spy on the Persians in Club Persh and see if they are doing anything illegal. They do not catch them doing anything illegal, but they do catch the Club Persh owner Rauf Xerxes working out at Curves, discovering that Xerxes is actually a woman posing as a man.



The exterior of the building has its name written in purple letters. It has gray colored pillars as well as golden borders and four small trees in pots.


As described by Ms. Garrison, the interior of the club has blue carpeting, purple curtains, golden curtain rods, and multiple statues. It also has large white chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.