Tyler Perry is an American entertainer who appeared in the Season Fifteen episode "Funnybot".


In "Funnybot", he was the only person who was present to collect his comedy award, other than Jimmy Valmer. He received the Kathy Griffin Award, which is awarded to the person who is most likely to show up to collect it.

Throughout the episode, Perry communicates almost exclusively through catch phrases from his movies, such as "Oh Lerrrrd!" and "Halleluyer!". The episode portrays his comedy as appealing solely to black people - Token Black is the only one who laughs at his jokes, giving him money every time he speaks. President Obama also mentions watching one of Perry's movies with his family before the end of the world. Both of them are embarrassed to admit that they find Perry's comedy funny.

Tyler's antics become increasingly absurd, reaching the point that he dressed up as his most famous character, Mabel Simmons, and refused to leave South Park Elementary. At the end, the Germans secured him within an enormous metal sphere deep underground, in place of Funnybot, stating that he was "one of the worst threats to the world."


Perry initially appears as a relatively faithful portrayal of his real life self, dressed in a suit and tie.

However, later in the episode, he appears as his character Madea, wearing a purple dress, a gaudy pearl necklace, a pair of thick-rimmed pink glasses and a long grey wig, with inexpertly applied lipstick.