Ted Bundy was an American serial killer. He made an appearance in the episode “Hell on Earth 2006”, as a resident of Hell.


In “Hell on Earth 2006”, he is said by a demon to have be one of Hell's most evil souls. He was given the task of picking up Satan's Ferrari cake, along with Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, but the trio fell into a comedy of Three Stooges-esque antics, with Bundy playing the role of Moe. He is depicted as the most mentally stable of the trio and slaps around the other two when they kill people.

Later, when the cake is destroyed and they have to make a new one, they get into a fight. During the fight, he tears out Gacy's eyes with his fingers and cuts off Dahmer's tongue. He is then stabbed in the ribs then through the roof of his mouth by Dahmer, killing him.


Ted appears in an olive-colored jacket, a black shirt, and brown pants.


  • He and the other two killers were characters destined to appear in South Park: The Stick of Truth but were cut in the final version. Their friend icons can still be found in the game files.