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  • Mr. Kitty has undergone a redesign for this episode.
  • The ending credits feature the full ending theme and shows pictures of "cat breading", instead of the song being cut off and showing a clip from the episode.
  • The dialogue between the presidential candidates are recordings of actual conversations.
  • The "Taylor Swifting" meme references a real video meme of dogs scooting across the floor.
  • This episode over emphasizes and over exaggerates deaths from re-enacting memes due to the same reaction of deaths from planking.
  • The video that Professor Lamont showed the kids was copyrighted 2010, but the styles and video quality was clearly 1980's.
  • In this episode, Mr. Kitty angrily hisses at Cartman and at one point scratches him, showing that Mr. Kitty is sick of Cartman abusing him all the time. 
  • A running gag throughout the episode is that various characters get hit by a GE Genesis train in different paint schemes when standing in the middle of train tracks, or in the most ridiculous locations and circumstances.

References to Popular Culture

  • Sunday Night Football - The song Eric Cartman sings at the end is a parody of the Sunday Night Football on NBC theme song.[1][2]
  • Taylor Swift and Faith Hill - Taylor Swift and Faith Hill are popular female country singers.[3][4]
  • Oh Long Johnson... - talking cat - This episode uses footage from the "Oh Long Johnson... - talking cat" YouTube video.[5]
  • The Selfish Gene - Professor Lamont was explaining memetics, a concept created by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene.[6]
  • The Hunger Games - In the newspaper that the the boys were reading, a review of the film The Hunger Games can be seen.[7]
  • 2000 and late - Repeatedly mentioned throughout the episode, 2000 and late is a reference to a line in the Black Eyed Peas song Boom Boom Pow.[8]
  • Tom Brady - New England Patriots' quarterback. The seated pose he took on the field after his team lost the 2012 Super Bowl became known as "Bradying". [9]
  • Tim Tebow - Former quarterback for the Denver Broncos and New York Giants. The kneeling pose he would take while praying on the sideline became known as "Tebowing". [10]
  • Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli - Fictional character from the T.V. series Happy Days. His trademark gesture of giving a "Thumbs up" pose and saying "Ayy!" is referred to as a meme from the 1970s known as "Fonzying".[11]
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first Indiana Jones movie is spoofed when Professor Lamont is called to gym to talk to those two government-men. It is especially underlined by the sunrays coming through windows, his shoulder-bag and finally when he takes out the antique book with hasps to show some past examples.



  • After Cartman lectures Mr. Kitty, an extra pair of his feet can be seen as he leaves the room.


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