The Pirate Club was founded by Eric Cartman in the Season Thirteen episode, "Fatbeard". The club consisted of Eric Cartman, Ike Broflovski, Butters Stotch, Kevin Stoley, and Clyde Donovan. Peculiarly, Ike was allowed to join despite his Jewish faith, possibly because he was adopted.


The club was started because Cartman heard about the real pirates in Somalia, North Africa. Cartman recruits some of the boys to join by promising "swash buckling adventure on the high seas" and "blue clear waters and treasure". Once the pirate club reaches Somalia it is apparent that the pirates are poor, living in a shanty town with a pub that only serves stale water.

The Somalian pirates lack direction until Cartman inspires them with a montage and a song. The pirates under Captain Cartman become the fiercest in the North African Sea, raiding ships and collecting treasure.

The United Nations takes notice of the pirates's new threat when they take over a French Cruise ship. Dispatching troops to kill all of the Somalian pirates only Cartman's Pirate Club is left alive with Cartman exclaiming, "What the fuck?" All of the children return home safely.

Club Policy编辑

  • "No Jews, No Mexicans, and No Gingers"
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