澳大利亚联邦位于南太平洋和印度洋之间,四面环海,是世界上唯一国土覆盖一整个大陆的国家,因此也称“澳洲”。Although it was mentioned in 墨西哥杀人蛙 made its first appearance in “诺亚非舟”.


Australia was mentioned briefly by 金博·克恩 in “松木车大赛”, after confusing it with 加拿大.

In “诺亚非舟”, 饥饿马文 flies the Marklar's spaceship there to escape missionaries and find a new home for the Ethiopian Tribe. The Australian welcoming committee, believing Starvin' Marvin to be an alien from another planet, called their country the "Planet of Australia" and introduce him to more proselytizing missionaries.

In “松木车大赛”, the Prime Minister of Australia tried to blackmail the United States into sharing the space cash they stole from the perceived criminal Baby Fark McGee-zax with the rest of the worlds countries.


  • It is assumed that most people in Australia resemble the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin or Mick "Crocodile" Dundee, playing on pop culture tropes and stereotypes.
  • The episode featured John Howard as Prime Minister of Australia, even though he had been replaced by Kevin Rudd almost eighteen months earlier.
  • Jimbo confuses Australia and Canada again in 南方公园加长未删减版.


  • 墨西哥杀人蛙” (mentioned only) - Jimbo confuses Australia with Canada.
  • 诺亚非舟
  • 松木车大赛” - Tries to blackmail United States into sharing space cash which they stole from a perceived criminal.
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