Psychic is a class in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It relies on the powers of the mind to deflect, confuse, and defeat foes. It can also buff and heal allies. While not as strong as the Plantmancer for healing, it is still a viable support class.

Doctor Timothy is an example of a Psychic hero.


The Psychic specializes in support and disruption of enemies from close to mid-range. The ability Psi-Shield acts similarly to the Human Kite's Kite Shield, giving Protection to an ally; compared to Human Kite, the shield has less range, but the option of buffing themselves. Dazzling Flash and Cerebral Blast deal decent damage while inflicting potentially useful status effects in Confusion and Defense Down; the latter has a unique range that enables the attack to be meted out without hindrance from other heroes most of the time.

Chakra Cleanse, the Psychic's Ultimate, is an effective support ability; it heals and shields allies in a large range around. It'll be the first healing Ultimate you gain access to in the game, so it makes for a useful emergency option if you don't need an Ultimate to finish off your foes. It works especially well if you're up against enemies that can take a beating without threatening much damage in return (usually because of other support skills that leave them knocked back or Chilled).


The percentage in "Damage" (or Heal, Protection) is the correspondent percentage of the Attribute.

  • Psi-Shield - Fortify self or ally with Protection
    • Range: Single tile in each direction around the player
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Protection: Moderate (250%)
    • Status Effect: Gains Protection to self or ally.
  • Dazzling Flash - Damage and Confuse an enemy
    • Range: One tile distance surrounding the player
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Moderate (175%)
    • Status Effect: Confused
  • Cerebral Blast - Damages and inflicts Defense Down
    • Range: Three tile diagonal cross-shape square around the player
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Moderate (160%)
    • Status Effect: Defense Down
  • Chakra Cleanse - Ultimate - Heal and grant Protection to all allies
    • Range: All Allies
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Heal: High (500%)
    • Protection: High (500%)
    • Status Effect: None


  • 日常:130%
  • 英雄:100%
  • 大师:75%
  • 恶魔:60%


名称+图标 简介 范围 属性 效果 状态影响
Chakra Cleanse
治疗并保护所有友军 我方所有友军 勇毅 治疗保护友军
Mentalist power4
Stats mc nondmg
以护盾保卫自己或友军 距离使用者两格范围内的所有友军 勇毅 保护友军
Mentalist power1
Lobbed aoe min range
Stats mc nondmg
Dazzling Flash
伤害并迷惑一名敌人 距离使用者三格的任何一个敌人 智慧 攻击敌人 困惑
Mentalist power2
Lobbed st min range
Stats mc range
Icon chilled
Cerebral Blast
伤害并降低防御力 以使用者为中心,对角线四个方向的三格范围,呈现“X”形 智慧 攻击敌人 防御力下降
Mentalist power3
Lobbed st heal no min range
Stats mc range
Icon cleanse


  • The Psychic's abilities, default costume and artwork during class selection are primarily inspired by the DC Comics character Brainiac.
    • Coincidentally, there is a costume set labelled as the Brainiac Costume set in-game, however the default costume for the Psychic is known as the Turbomind Costume set.
  • “灵能护盾”这一能力与任天堂《地球冒险》游戏系列中的“PSI 护盾”有相同的名称,而且也很可能是一种参考。《地球冒险》游戏中The ability "PSI Shield" shares the same name with (and is likely a reference to) the "PSI Shield" ability in the Earthbound/Mother Series by Nintendo. The Earthbound/Mother series features a number of psychic children going off on an adventure to save the world.
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