The Blaster is a class in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, being one of the three initial classes that The New Kid can choose from in Origins. Players will be able to choose this class after discovering the Coon Lair. The Blaster uses ranged fire attacks to do damage. Their charged attack includes a knockback.

The default Blaster costume set is known as the Heatwave Costume set.

Professor Chaos and Human Kite are classified as Blasters in-game.


The Blaster specializes in dishing attacks from medium to long range. All of the Blaster's abilities are fire related, with two of its abilities causing the Burning Status.

The Triple Burn ability is one of the Blaster's most useful abilities, as it can be dished out to a single selected target from a distance away while inflicting the Burning status. As for Heat Wave, it is useful to knockback multiple enemies to keep them away from attacking range. The Plasma Beam ability can be meted out to multiple targets in a row up to 6-tiles away, making it one of the longest ranged abilities among all the regular abilities of the classes available in-game.

The Blaster's Ultimate ability, Backfire Blast is the only Ultimate ability among the three starting classes which affects more than a single target. It is also the only Ultimate ability among the three starting classes which inflicts status effects, namely Burning and Grossed Out.



  • 日常:130%
  • 英雄:100%
  • 大师:75%
  • 恶魔:60%


  • 绝招:逆火后爆(攻击):死亡之屁一举烧掉并恶心死敌人
    • 范围:使用者前方锥形范围
    • 属性:智慧
    • 保护:160%
    • 状态影响:燃烧,恶心
  • 三连烧(攻击):火球三连出击,点燃敌人
    • 范围:使用者前方三格范围内的第一个敌人
    • 属性:智慧
    • 保护:175%
    • 状态影响:燃烧
  • 炙热浪潮(攻击):击退一列敌人
    • 范围:使用者前方一列的三格敌人
    • 属性:勇毅
    • 保护:160%
    • 状态影响:击退两格
  • 等离子束(攻击):攻击一排的敌人
    • 范围:使用者前方六格的所有敌人
    • 属性:智慧
    • 保护:160%
    • 状态影响:


  • The Blaster class appears to be a reference to Marvel Comics character Cyclops, a member of the superhero group The X-Men; also the fact that the energy beam abilities is fired from the hands makes a reference to Dazzler, also a member of The X-Men.
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