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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Timmy Burch. His very existence was brought into question by Comedy Central, as they feared bad publicity with a handicapped kid on the show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone argued that Timmy being treated like a normal kid would be a good moral statement. Timmy soon became one of the most popular characters.
  • Timmy Burch may also be a member of the tooth trade as he was in one of the scenes when Loogie explained the tooth trade dressed as the Tooth Fairy.
  • Richard Belzer was the voice of Loogie. Although Belzer did the voice of Loogie for most of the episode, Trey Parker did Loogie's voice at the end because Belzer was unavailable to re-record dialogue.
  • The equations shown at the ADA meeting are arbitrary and are not mathematically correct.
  • Fourth Wall: Cartman yells "Camera left! Camera left!" when Kyle, Stan and Kenny move him to the left with a pole.
  • Kenny is shown without his hood for the first time on the TV run (previously he had only been seen unhooded in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut).
  • This is the first of four episodes whose title ends in "2000". The title parodies the titles of many TV shows, which also ended in "2000", that aired near the year 2000.
  • In this episode, the Mega Man dolls make a second appearance since "Damien" as decals on a bedroom window.
  • When Cartman is in the hot tub after seeing the news broadcast, in the background there is Cartman's dolls Polly Prissypants, Rumpertumskin and Peter Panda.
  • When Loogie tells Cartman that they have his pal, Cartman says "Kenny isn't afraid of you!" even though Loogie never said it was Kenny. It's possible that Cartman is aware of Kenny's deaths and, in a rare moment of intelligence, guesses correctly that it is Kenny, since Loogie says he's about to kill him.
  • One of Loogie's boys sound like the Underpants Gnomes from " Gnomes ".
  • In the Polish dub, the Dreamcast references were changed to PlayStation, because no one in Poland knew what a Dreamcast was.
  • Surprisingly Kenny survives having his tooth pulled out by Timmy's wheelchair (suffering in extreme pain), and falling into the river, but still drowns later.
  • Kenny is the second out of four of the boys to be seen naked.

References to Popular Culture

  • During Kyle's apotheosis scene, Kyle briefly appears in the form of the Star-Child from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The song used during Kyle's discorporation is a medley of two songs from the Primus album Pork Soda (1993); the first part is from the title track, the second part is from "Welcome to This World".
  • The location of the (fictional) Crestview Apartments mentioned in the newscast is a reference to local radio advertisements for The Shane Company location in Greenwood Village, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.
  • The name of the dentist Doctor Robert could be a reference to a song by The Beatles, "Doctor Robert" from the album Revolver.
  • The character of Loogie references Marlon Brando portrayal of Don Corleone in the Francis Ford Coppola movie The Godfather.
  • Loogie goes on a rant about about wanting the boys and their families dead as well as their houses burned down. The delivery is a reference to the 1987 movie The Untouchables.



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