Jewleeard is a Yeshiva, a private school for young Jews. It was seen in the Season Six episode, “The Biggest Douche in the Universe”. The name is a parody of the actual school, Juliard.


While Chef and the boys watch a live audience taping of John Edward's Crossing Over paranormal talk show, John convinces Kyle Broflovski that his dead Grandmother wanted him to seek four white doves.

On their way back to South Park, Colorado he spots a poster advertising a school with a picture of four white doves. Believing this is the sign John was talking about. He signs up for classes and refuses to leave. Stan Marsh finally convinces Kyle that John Edward is a fraud and they leave the school to go back home.


The building resembles an early twentieth-century redbrick schoolhouse. All of the students are required to wear black hats, long black coats, false forelocks, and false beards; this is not true for real schools of this type and used only as a joke. Despite the dress code, Kyle is allowed to wear his typical green ushanka.

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