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Back at school, Mr. Mackey is fantasizing over Memberberries, when Scott Malkinson bursts in and threatens to delete his Twitter account. Mackey convinces Scott to not go through with it, however, he comes back in and threatens to delete his Twitter again.

In the woods, the boys are solemnly walking to the cabin, as Cartman talks about how awesome it will be to be alone in the woods to play Counter-Strike.

In a Presidential Campaign headquarters building, an employee claims they are being trolled by Skankhunt42. Back in town, Gerald takes a happy stroll through town, in the process almost getting hit by a car and bike. He then goes to the grocery store and then happily walks back home with his groceries.

Back at the school, Mr. Mackey is preparing to leave for the day when Scott appears and again threatens to delete his Twitter. Mr. Mackey tells Scott it's after hours but lets him inside of the office to get him to back down.

Back at the cabin, the boys walk into the dark, secluded cabin and Cartman begins to take out his computer. As he does, the boys pull out a variety of weapons. Cartman turns around shocked to discover there is no internet, as the boys approach him, and he pleads for them to reconsider. They move closer and start destroying his electronic devices. Cartman passes out and the boys bury his stuff in the ground.

Late at night, Mackey is sleeping and receives a phone call from Scott who, once again, threatens to quit Twitter. Mackey, having enough of Scott's antics, is forced to listen to him talk about how the kids at school would be happier if he deleted his social media.

Back at home, Gerald is up late leaving hateful comments. As he gets ready to go to bed, a Google notification comes through on his computer. He watchs a video from CNN where a Danish Olympian is discussing Denmark's response to his hateful comments. Gerald says that it is "game on".

At school, Kyle approaches Stan and Clyde, as the girls are angrily slamming their lockers. The three are in shock to find out that Cartman was not Skankhunt. They had made a terrible mistake. The girls are meeting saying it is time to punish the boys, still believing them responsible for Skankhunt's misdeeds.

At the school, Annie is the first girl to give her boyfriend a letter stating that she is breaking up with him. More girls across the school start to do this; Clyde is shown crying in the school library. In a Kindergarten classroom, a girl hands the boy a note saying "I brake up" and the boy faceplants into the blocks next to him. As Token is playing basketball, Nichole approaches him to give Token a break up note, which causes him to fall to his knees. Two boys in the school bathroom resort to hugging each other for comfort after also receiving letters.

Kyle sits on a swing looking at a picture of Cartman disappearing in a class photo, likely feeling guilty for destroying his electronics. In the school hallway, the boys are shown crying on the floor with break-up notes strewn all over the hallway. Stan is walking around in disbelief as Wendy approaches him. She stoically hands him a note saying "This is goodbye forever, Stan. I can't fix you, Wendy." Stan and Wendy, along with all of the other couples, have ended their relationships. So starts troubling times at South Park Elementary.


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