猎婊42 是一个网络喷子,以及第二十季前半季的反派主角。





While implementing in his internet trolling, Gerald likes to play hard rock music and drink wine.

In “可恶的人”, he was happy that he was able to troll Freja Ollegard, but was shocked when she commits suicide. While getting groceries, he gets a note saying "I know who you are". Shocked, he destroys his phone and his computer in order to get rid of the evidence, but he realized that Ike's computer has some info from Gerald's. As he logged on to his account, a message says "meet me under the Freemont Bridge 9am tomorrow."

In “露出小弟弟”, he meets another troll by the name of Dildo Shwaggins. He then tries to stay away from technology, until Sheila buys him an iPad. He then is caught by her when he is trolling in the bathroom. Instead of explaining the truth, he instead pretends he is addicted to piss porn and, to stop her from getting upset, lets her pee on him. After finding out about, he joins a group of trolls, who address him by his troll name.

In “灌洗器与丹麦人”, the group get Gerald to discuss matters on how to get rid of the TrollTrace program, in which he explains them his theory of trolling, that is based on pushing other people's buttons, and make those people push other people's buttons, as the trollers think it's "mean" he just says "It's not mean if it's hilarious!". After that, Gerald and Dildo return to Broflovski Residence and set up a computer, after which they make a group call to all the trollers and start a troll attack on Denmark. The following morning, Dildo comes to visit Gerald and tell him that their troll attack has succeeded, and that it has now spread across the internet, much to his excitement.


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