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At South Park Elementary, Mr. Mackey is teaching the fourth graders about the dangers of choking yourself to get high, which ironically causes Kenny to try it by choking himself, but to no avail. Butters then questions if you can get high off of cat urine, which Mr. Mackey says is actually not urine but the highly concentrated liquid produced when cats spray their territory.

At Cartman's house, the boys manage to get Kenny high off of Mr. Kitty's spray. Kenny then descends into a surreal imaginary world surrounded by breasts. He encounters a beautiful, large-breasted and scantily-dressed woman. All the breasts in the hallucination are completely all visible and uncensored, except when the woman reveals hers, which remain unseen every time. After attempting to take his clothes off while running around town, Kenny is brought out of his drug stupor by Cartman, which makes him angry.

This new method of getting high (dubbed "cheesing", because it is 'fon to due') makes the headlines, with Kyle's parents watching it, leading to a town meeting. Gerald manages to get a new law passed banning cats from town, and so nearly all the cats are taken away, apart from Mr. Kitty, whom Cartman hides in the attic. As time goes by, more and more cats are hidden in the attic by Cartman to save them from being taken away.

At Kenny's house, Stan, Kyle and Butters find Kenny getting high off of his cat, which they confiscate and then threaten to tell on him if he does not stop getting high. Taking his cat to his home, Kyle is grounded by Gerald after Sheila finds it in his drawer. Apparently deciding to have the cat taken away, Gerald first takes it down to the basement, but it is then revealed that he used to be into cheesing, and becomes tempted which leads to him to try it once again.

In his imaginary reality, Gerald meets the large-breasted woman, who Kenny has encountered before. Gerald soon discovers that Kenny is also there (who had got high off of all the cats in Cartman's attic) and the two fight over the woman. In actuality, it turns out that they are wrestling in a sandbox in the park. Many have come to watch the fight, with Gerald being discovered.

Gerald decides that cats are not to blame, but people are (probably due to his own actions), so all cats are returned. The boys then decide they've learned something today and are glad that Kenny has got off the craze. Kyle questions Cartman's actions over his rescue of cats, asking if it reminds him of anything else in history, which Cartman denies to the anger of Kyle. Kenny meanwhile has begun to get high on flowers, which Stan calls "getting high on life", Kyle calls "getting really high on life" and Cartman calls "getting super-wasted on life". Kenny is taken back into the imaginary world with the large-breasted woman again.

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