Madelyn Dunham was the maternal grandmother of former President of the United States Barack Obama. She served as the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii until 1986. She made a brief appearance in the Season Twelve episode “About Last Night...”.


When Barack Obama comes up with a plan to steal the Hope Diamond, one of the plans he comes up with is to have his grandmother call in a bomb threat to the museum in order to distract the guards while they go to steal the diamond. She is then seen outside on a payphone doing just that. Obama claims that she had faked her death on Monday, however, in real life, she passed away from cancer on Sunday November 2, 2008, two days before Obama was elected president.


Madelyn had gray hair and gray eyebrows. In her appearance, she wore a maroon jacket with a pink bow in the middle, a maroon skirt, brown leggings, black shoes, brown-rimmed glasses, and two round earrings on each ear. She also appeared to have a slight blush on her cheeks.

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