Dr. Bender is a medical doctor who works in Hell's Pass Hospital. He appears throughout the series as a minor character. He replaced Dr. Doctor in recent episodes.

The poster near his office state that he also work for Saint Penmar Department of Medicine.


He's an eldery Caucasian male with gray hair and glasses, who wears standard male doctors' clothings and has his stethoscope around his neck.


He was first seen in “SUPER HARD PCness”, treating PC Principal who had been hearing Hootie and the Blowfish in his mind since he fell in love with Strong Woman.

In “Shots”, it is revealed that he is trying to help Liane Cartman vaccinate her son, Eric Cartman, on a weekly basis, failing each-time, while Eric gets off with a toy from the toy chest. After Big Mesquite Murph also fails in the task, this doctor is shown as one of the sponsors of the town's vaccination rodeo, appearing on larges Pro-Vaccination signs through out the ring.