Cyborg is a class in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It uses deflection, sound, electricity, magnetic, and weapon abilities.

Tupperware is classified as a Cyborg in-game.


The Cyborg specializes in dealing damage from close to medium range. Primarily, it acts as a direct attacker, having abilities which attracts enemy attention to it.

This can be noted in one of the Cyborg's abilities, Fatal Attraction, which pulls enemies within a 3-tile cross shape area to its vicinity. This allows attacks to be dealt on enemies without having to travel much on the battlefield, useful as most party members in-game has mainly close-range abilities.

Another of the Cyborg's abilities which does enemy distraction is the Ganz Technique, it inflicts the Enraged status on a specific target while gaining a high defensive shield in the process (in similar vein with Super Craig's Shining Hate Finger ability or Call Girl's Blocked ability).

The Cyborg's Ultimate ability, The Big Guns is a rather punishing Ultimate ability; apart from it being able to be meted out from a slight distance away to a specific target, it also inflicts the Slow status effect while knocking back the target afterwards.


The percentage in "Damage" is the correspondent percentage of the Attribute.

  • Fatal Attraction - Pull enemies and damage them
    • Range: Three tiles on all four sides from the player
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Damage: Low (140%)
    • Status Effect: Pulls in nearby enemies
  • Ganz Technique - Gain Block and Enrage a foe
    • Range: Three tiles in front of the player
    • Attribute: Spunk
    • Damage: None (0%)
    • Status Effect: Enrages the enemy and gains Block. (Special: when the Blocking Shield is destroyed, adjacent enemies are Shocked.)
  • Faraday Uncaged - Shock and knock back a foe with discharge
    • Range: Single tile in front of the player
    • Attribute: Brawn
    • Damage: High (175%)
    • Status Effect: Shocked and Knockback
  • The Big Guns - Ultimate - Damage, knock back, and Slow a foe
    • Range: Three tiles in front of the player
    • Attribute: Brawn
    • Damage: High (575%)
    • Status Effect: Knockback


  • 日常:130%
  • 英雄:100%
  • 大师:75%
  • 恶魔:60%


名称+图标 简介 范围 属性 效果 状态影响
The Big Guns
伤害,减速,并击退敌人 距离使用者三格以内的所有敌人 智慧 攻击敌人 冻结
Elementalist power4
Stats mc range
Icon chilled
Icon shocked
Fatal Attraction
地面迸出利齿,撕咬你的敌人 环绕一个中心的十字,这个中心选自距离使用者两格的任何一个方格 智慧 攻击敌人
Elementalist power1
Lobbed aoe min range
Stats mc range
Ice Prison
伤害并冻结一名敌人 距离使用者两格的任何一个敌人 智慧 攻击敌人 冻结
Elementalist power2
Lobbed st min range
Stats mc range
Icon chilled
Hydro Helper
净化,治疗,并提升我方某人的攻击力 距离使用者两格以内的任何一个友军 勇毅 治疗友军 净化,攻击力上升
Elementalist power3
Lobbed st heal no min range
Stats mc nondmg
Icon cleanse
Icon attackup


  • The Cyborg's abilities, default costume and artwork during class selection are primarily inspired by the DC Comics character Cyborg (similar with the inspiration for Tupperware).
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